Issue / 3

Yliakum - 807


The latest leg of the Drifter Cross Championships took place in Amdeneir, a complex, technical course through the city streets. Three riders got of the mark but Anysu was seen to hesitate for a split second. By lap four Migg had lapped Anysu and was closing in on Gonger but on his tail was Stalfos. Holding his position throughout Migg came in first after seven long laps followed within seconds by Stalfos, then Gonger and Anysu. The post has receive information regarding the Way of the Hammer riders, both Jots, the winner in the Hydlaa Drifter Cross, and Hangatyr failed to show in time, we hope to have more on this soon. The championship has been blown open by this absence and it is anyone's game now, we can but wait for the Ojaveda Drifter Cross. Full results for the Amdeneir Drifter Cross and the current Rider and Championship standings can be found in our NEWS page.


The Starters


1st Migg, 2nd Stalfos, 3rd Gonger


We have seen, among others, the Guilds & Trades Journal and the Yliakum Times in the past but for some years now there has been little to tickle the curiosity of Yliakum. We, at The Post, hope to change that with an easy reading publication bringing the news to the people in an easy to read format, free of charge. If you have a story, or if you want to advertise in The Post please feel free to contact the editor, Eide Kibber, in person or by groffel, contact by ulbar is not recommended and may cause undue delay.


Praise indeed from the people after the Festival of the Hammer. Most talked about was the plethora of sporting events but the Hammers fine hospitality was not forgotten either. Migg, also currently second in the Drifter Cross, won overall after a tense tiebreaker with Thoraro.



A small gathering took place in the Secret Garden today, with some fine tunes from the bard Grindulf. The wine and table snacks, comfortable pillows, candles and the scent of flowers set the scene for much dancing, a celebration of the godess Xiosia in the presence of Jardet by all appearances. A short sermon given by an unknown Fenki from beneath the sacred Ruqua tree gave praise to Xiosia and honoured her care for those suffering in Ojaveda. Calls of prayer for Xiosia's Blessing across the Dome.